Create a micro-climate clean air adjacent to furniture






Air Box, an air purifier embedded within design furniture.



Air intake at floor level, passing through filters and ejected at very low velocity, creating a clean air micro-climate zone, adjacent to users.









Very quiet (down to +/- 22 dB)


Low energy consumption (12V, 20W fan)


Up to 50 m3/h (+/- 21 m2 room)

AIR BOX: Fan with three stages filtration filter


1/ Coarse dust particules filter:

  • Arrestance up to 90% for dust
  • Flower pollen
  • Pollen
  • Fog
  • Waste air of painting boxes and kitchens
  • Protection against the pollution of air conditioning and compact instruments (e.g. window air conditioning, fans)


2/ Fine particules filter:

  • Up to 90% efficiency with 0.4 μm particules
  • Tobacco smoke (roase fractions)
  • Metal oxide smoke (soarse fractions)
  • Oil smoke
  • Pre-filters for adsorbable filters (e.g. filters with active carbon)



3/ Gases and Odors filter:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Vehicule exhaust
  • Light volatile hydrocarbon VOC'S
  • Asphalt, tar, petrol and kerosine fume
  • Solvent fume
  • Body civilisation and hospital smell
  • Food, kitchen and rotting smell